DBC Code Of Conduct

All members of the Orlando Dragon Boat Club must adhere to the Code of Conduct, which states…

Each member will:

  1. Be fair, respectful & considerate of others
  2. Support my team by supporting my teammates
  3. Foster a safe & enjoyable environment. Behave in the spirit of the club
  4. Operate within the rules of dragon boating set forth by the USDBA & IDBF
  5. Adhere to the standards, policies, rules & regulations of ORC-DBC
  6. Refrain from any behavior which brings, or has the potential to bring the club or the sport into disrepute
  7. NOT engage in the use of illicit drugs or alcohol before or during paddling
  8. NOT behave in a reckless manner or take unnecessary risks or act in a way which places anyone at risk of injury or property at risk of damage
  9. NOT defame, harass or injure any persons in such a way that would constitute an offense under state & federal legislation governing human rights & sex discrimination
  10. Have Fun!

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