Rules and Regulations – 2014

Water Safety Rules-

  • The steersperson has the primary responsibility for the safety of the boat and it’s paddlers.
    1. Familiar with the capsize procedure
    2. Ensures that all paddlers are properly wearing a PFD
  • The Steersperson is required to carry a whistle & 50’ tow rope
  • The Steersperson is responsible the safe return of the dragon boat & secure the dock lines
  • The Steersperson is responsible to return the steering oar to the Dragon Hut
  • The Steersperson must follow the traffic pattern on Lake Fairview & should not impede traffic flow
    1. All traffic at Lake Fairview moves clock wise
    2. Dragon boats must give way and stay clear of any motorized vessels
  • The dragon boats DO NOT have the right to stop or tie up on private docks

Land Safety Rules-

  • Paddlers should stay clear of the boathouse doors and the incoming/outgoing boat traffic
  • Paddlers should stay clear of the dock until their scheduled practice
  • Paddlers should keep paddles, PFD’s and other personal gear in designated areas.

Personal Safety Rules-

  • US Coast Guard- approved personal flotation device PFD must be worn at all times on the dragon boat
  1. The PFD should fit snugly
  • A maximum of 22 people are allowed in the dragon boat (20 paddlers, 1 steer & 1 drummer)
  • A minimum of 10 paddlers are required for a practice
  • No standing in the dragon boat while in motion on the water. Briefly standing to switch seats is allowed.

Equipment Rules-

  • Teams or individual paddlers are responsible for any repairs or replacement resulting from damage due to negligence.
  • Dragon boats should be docked and secured next to the floating dock after every use.
  • The steering oar, all paddles and PFD’s should be neatly stored in the Dragon Hut after use
  • Teams & individuals are responsible to make sure that all trash (water bottles) are picked up & that the dragon boat and area is clean & orderly
  • Last team to practice is responsible to lock the dragon hut and gate.

Administrative Rules

  • Forms- All year round teams & corporate teams must complete and submit the ODBC forms prior to their 1st practice


  1. Each paddler must have a completed & signed waiver on file prior to their 1st practice. Minors must have a parent/guardian signature
  2. Team Leader/Captain must file an ‘Initial Team Roster” when applying for membership. At each practice, the ITR must be printed out and paddlers must initial next to their name that they are present for that practice. New paddlers must be ADDED to the roster for that day. Waivers for the new paddlers should accompany the roster and turned in to the administrator after each session.
  • All membership fees/dues are to be paid prior to practice
  • All fees submitted to the club for membership dues, practices and/or race events are non- refundable. If in the event of a member is unable to attend a race, it is their responsibility to find an alternate.
  • Membership fees are subject to change annually, based on the executive’s decision and the club’s needs.
  • Any bank charges incurred by a Non-sufficient Funded check will be charged back to the individual at the current bank rate.
  • The Club’s executive committee has the right to revoke membership or refuse admittance of any person if their behavior is determined to be detrimental to the interest of the club members, objectives or policies. Membership will NOT be reimbursed.
  • The designated Coach and or Steersperson is responsible for enforcement of the code of conduct and safety rules for the club and it’s members at both practices and events. Failure to comply with same may result in the suspension of a members membership. The designated practice Coach and/or Steersperson’s decisions will be final.
  • Practice Policy

    • A minimum of 10 paddlers must be present to have a water practice
    • When winds reach an excess of 15 mph, practice will be cancelled
    • If lightning has been sighted, practice will be cancelled.
    • Paddlers should stay clear of the dock until the scheduled practice. Seat assignment & line up should occur away from the dock. Launch/Loading/unloading of the boats should occur within 3 minutes.
    • Steer person must sign his/her boat OUT when taking the boat.
    • Steer person must carry whistle, cell phone & 50’ tow line while on the water
    • Coaches are responsible for running training sessions. In the absence of a coach, the team captains, or other nominated paddlers are to run the session.
    • Any changes to the practice schedule (additions/cancellations) must be reported to the administrator by the team leader and will be changed on the General Club Calendar.